Dogecoin recovery ๐Ÿ› 

๐Ÿ”” Don’t use online Doughwallet recovery tool. they steal your seed and doge ! ! !

What we can resolve:

1. (now password lost, second password issue, “failed to upgrade HD and save wallet”, error to login, and any other specific problem. etc
2. Ethereum presale json/UTC file password recovery+ bugged wallet json file
3. secret PIN recovery; password recovery or 2FA errors, lost wallet ID, etc (need Wallet ID/email address, and/or hints for password, etc)
4. Android wallet Spending PIN bruteforce (both Doge and Bitcoin)
5. Password bruteforce with hints (Android wallet and core wallet.dat)
6. Decrypt passwordless backup for Langerhans dogecoin wallet
7. Decrypt android wallet backup with password (can bruteforce first if you forget the password)
8. “Invalid words” error in passphrase/seed phrase/ seed code, etc
9. Wallet.dat corrupted or Zero balance after fully synced issue.
๐Ÿ”.other specific problems and altcoin. just consult me and provide more info for us evaluate your specific case.

The above screenshot is on a guy’s langerhans wallet (Who is the CEO of an Indonesian crypto company. as his password includes his name). he just forget his password and tried years on this. he provide pages of hints. i used them to design a list of 16 million+ passwords and the correct one hidden in 15 million+. his old address: i decrypted the privatekey and imported to core wallet to move them. he tipped me 150k generously and sent 218k+ to his new address: ( (the 214k on the second picture is wrong as he forget his correct balance). i really thanks for his trust.

Generally, there are following main problems you may met:

  1. You Forgot the password๐Ÿ”. if so you need find out clues about the passphrase, like checking your notebook. diary or try passwords used in other social accounts. If you can’t regain the correct passphrase, you will lose all the coin in the wallet backup. we can bruteforce the backup if you have hints. we cant bruteforce without hints as there are unlimited password combinations. for the Android Dogecoin wallet (Langerhans dogecoin wallet), if you forget the Spending PIN ( PIN is 8 digits or less is possible to recover within a reasonable time) or backup password. yo may lose the Dogecoin. if you have clues/hints and the length of PIN not too long. congratulations, there is still high chance to recover your Dogecoin. for wallet, please refer details page: recovery

*** ๐Ÿ’กin some cases, You may did not set the backup password when you do backup on dogecoin android wallet. the early versions has bug and allow you do it without setting the password. if this happens. you cant restore the wallet in regular way. you can not decrypt it with the open ssl method provided by the developer as it also ask for the password which does not exist at all. we have written a script to do it without the password and succeed. you can try my skill with an empty backup without setting the password. i will tell you the public address and private key of it.

2. You have the correct passphrase but cant spend the dogecoin.โ›”. You first need wait all the blocks synchronized. after that you still cant send the doge out or any other problems, like wallet.dat corruption or you did not backup successfully. for the dogecoin android wallet, you may just can’t restore the wallet, etc. if you can’t resolve it. can contact us to help you. we will try our best to make you access to your Dogecoins successfully if they really stored in the backup. if you lost your pin and the pin is 8 digits or less. there is high chance to recover within a reasonable time.

3. if you fully updated the blocks but the balance shows Zero on the core wallet. or it shows corrupted error. there is problems in the wallet.dat backup. we need modify the backup to make it readable. for the corrupted backup the chance to recover is not 100% as the backup data may damaged too much. for the Zero balance problem. as long as you have the original backup, the chance is near 100%.

4. For dogecoin Dough wallet. check the page on top: doughwallet recovery

5. For wallet problem. check other page on top: wallet recovery

6. for wallet. check the specific page recovery

7 for other Altcoin problem can also contact us to evaluate your case. check specific page: altcoin recovery

Our service๐Ÿค:

if your problem is not password related, you can reach us to provide help. we charge a fee based on the final amount recovered. No other fees needed. You may think the fee is high. but don’t forget your Dogecoin value increase by about 15x since beginning of 2021. you lose all coins if you can’t recover them successfully.

Amount of Doge recoveredBTC recoveredpercentage of fee
<1 million<10 btc30 %
1million–10 million10 btc-30 btc25%
10 million or moreabove 30 btc 20%
Note: for some cases, there will be more complex to resolve. so the fee can vary a little bit. no apply to passwords/PIN as there is much higher cost.

Contact us:

๐Ÿ“งEmail: [email protected]

Skype: chat live:.cid.3869b4731a9d3ac1

Note๐Ÿ’ก: in some cases, you need provide the backup. if you have wallet.dat. you can only provide the extracted script if you know how to extract it.

About security Advice๐Ÿ””:

1.write down your passphrase in several books๐Ÿ“ƒ and keep them in different places. don’t overconfidence your memory.

2. Never let others access to your private key๐Ÿ”‘.

3. put your coin in several different wallets and make backups respectively to diversify.

4. use the official walletโœ”. don’t put too much doge coin or any coin in an exchange. bloody experience. many main exchanges closed or just run away. many people lost a lot due to that.

Disclaim๐Ÿ“: You can only provide your own wallet backup data. we will reject to serve you if you provide stolen wallet backup. don’t buy wallet.dat online. all fakes and scams.