Crypto Trading service 🏆

About crypto trading service:

Currently, the crypto market is not good. if you don’t want to sell your crypto and wanna value added during the holding, it is a good choice to trade binary option based on your crypto. we can offer managed account service on ( . Many clients reach us to manage their account to hedge the price down on crypto. ( offer BTC, LTC, ETH, USDC and USDT account. daily return is about 10%.

1. Binary option allow you risk a very small fixed amount to earn a good profit.
2. Don’t trade futures on exchange, which will liquidity your positions.
3. The value of your crypto increase when trading.
4. Only you can withdraw your crypto.
5. Pay our share based on net profits made. No hidden fees !

  • How to proceed?
  1. You open your own ( account.
  2. Deposit your binary account with 100 LTC or 5000 USDT, etc
  3. provide the login details. (No worry, only you can withdraw the fund as they will send your email a security link when withdraw. can only access to withdraw field via that link)
  4. you make withdraw and pay us 50% of the net profits with same crypto you used.

* You can trail with a smaller amount. Weekly return is about 35%–50%.

** You can also use fait currency account on ( if you want.

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