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What we can offer:

1. (now password lost, second password issue, “failed to upgrade HD and save wallet”, error to login, and any other specific problem. etc
2. Ethereum presale json/UTC file password recovery+ bugged wallet json file
3. secret PIN recovery password recovery or 2FA errors, lost wallet ID, etc (need Wallet ID/email address, and/or hints for password, etc)
5. Android wallet Spending PIN bruteforce (both Doge and Bitcoin)
6. Password bruteforce with hints (Android wallet and core wallet.dat)
7. Decrypt passwordless backup for Langerhans dogecoin wallet
8. Decrypt android wallet backup with password (can bruteforce first if you forget the password)
9. “Invalid words” error in passphrase/seed phrase/ seed code, etc
10. Wallet.dat corrupted or Zero balance after fully synced issue.
πŸ”.other specific problems and altcoin. just consult me and provide more info for us evaluate your specific case.

Problem: You lost your wallet passwordπŸ”‘:

No !!! the developers Can Not help you resetr the password. because the decryption process is something like: private keys+Your password+random salts–> Encrypted code. only stored the encrypted data on its server. if you ask for password. they need decrypt the encryted data. this is impossible without your correct password. can only do the bruteforce based on your hints for the password.

Requirments: your wallet ID+ πŸ’‘hints for password+ 2FA not enabled (or you have the 2FA device if enabled) πŸ””Don’t try to login with wrong password or 2FA toke too many times. otherwise the wallet will be locked for unknown time.

2. Failed to decrypt your wallet, are you sure you entered the correct password?

This means your password is wrong or there is a bug in the platform. we need check your wallet ID first to identify the specific reason for your case. then try to bruteforce based on your password and /or hints for password.

3. Failed to get payload, please try again !

This is becuase of your 2FA is not work properly. if you have the 2FA device and wallet ID, password. there is still chance to recover your dogechain wallet. Please dont try more on wrong 2FA tokens. otherwise your wallet will be locked for a unknown period.

4. Action failed. please ensure your credentials are correct !

there are two reasons according to our experience. 1. your wallet ID is wrong. please check if it is correct. 2. if wallet ID is correct then it is because you tried too many times with wrong password or 2FA tokens. Your wallet is lockedπŸ”’. this timeout is unknown. maybe forever. you can conact us to provide more info for evaulation.

5. Lost 2FA device or wallet ID

if you lost your phone with your your 2FA google autheticator. or you lost the wallet ID. we can help you contact to reset the 2FA and retrive wallet ID if you still access to your email that linked to your dogechain wallet.

  • How to proceed?

you can conact us provide more info. we will evalaute your case and get a rough idea if there chance to recover your dogecoin. if there is chance and you agreed to proceed. we will start working on your case.

You only need donate a share (average 20%-30%) after our work succeed. we dont touch your share of dogecoin. we won’t teach others. as we can’t prevent them to steal others’ doge. 20%-30% maybe high you think. but you may aware that Doge up max 33% on April 1, 2021 in only one hour.

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Skype: chat live:.cid.3869b4731a9d3ac1

Note: You can only provide your own wallet backup data or or authorized by the owner. don’t provide stolen wallet backup. don’t buy wallet backup online. all fakes and scams. data will be deleted permanently no matter it succeed or failed. so you need keep your own copy of your backup.