Ethereum presale wallet recovery🐞

🥇What we can offer:

1. Ethereum presale json password recovery ( wallet hash + hints for password )
2. (now password lost (Main password and second password issue), error to login, and any other specific problem. etc
3. Multibit legacy and Multibit HD wallet recovery (12,18, or 24 seed words Not work due to bug and incompatble bip32 , lost password, AES error, lost password, password bugs, etc etc);
4. Android wallet Spending PIN bruteforce (both Doge and Bitcoin)
5. Password recovery (BTC/dogecoin/LTC Android wallet backup and wallet.dat)
6. Decrypt passwordless backup for Langerhans dogecoin wallet
7. Decrypt android wallet backup with password (can bruteforce first if you forget the password)
8. “Invalid words” error in passphrase/seed phrase/ seed code, etc
9. Wallet.dat corrupted or Zero balance after fully synced issue.
🔐.other specific problems and altcoin. just consult me and provide more info for us evaluate your specific case.

Many guys bought ethereum from the Ethereum presale campaign started from later 2014 to middle 2015. due to the low price in those years, many people did not care much on it. till now, there are still many wallets get locked by the following reasons:

  1. You forget the password of your wallet json file. if you bought Eth directly from the in 2014. then you can remember the following picture. the password show meet the following requirements: 1. 10+ characters in length ; 2. include both upper and lower case letters 3. numbers 4. symbols. if you used the random password generated by software and has nothing memory of the part of the password. then there is No chance to get it back.

however, if you know part of the password, or have a rough idea of the password. then there is chance to brute force it. our GPU station can try @ 2 million passwords per second. so if you remember part of the password, there is a chance to recover the password.

You need provide wallet hash or Json file + hints for password

2. You have the password written down but cant restore the wallet. This 🐞 of the json file

Situation: you wrote down the password🔑 and 100% sure it correct💯. but you still cant recover the wallet. because there is bug in their coding. some characters are changed to different new characters or omitted directly. this makes different password during the encryption. therefore you correct password become wrong one.

there are many factors (OS version, OS language, coding modes, language keyboard layout, and original bugs of the wallet generation) determined this so we need evaluate each json file case by case. there is still a chance to recover for most cases. contact us to evaluate your specific case.

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Disclaim:pls provide only your own files. dont buy wallet files online. all fakes.