Q1: I have public address and checked balance. the dogecoin still there. if there some way to recover my dogecoin?

=> No. no one can recover the dogecoin with only the public address. you need the wallet.dat or android wallet backup which contains the private key. the private key controls the dogecoin. for some online wallet they also provide the seed phrases, with which you can also derive the private key. however, no one can derive private key from public address.

Q2: Do i need send the wallet.dat or android wallet back up?

=> This depends but most cases need the backup of wallet. each case has different problems. To recover your dogecoin. we need work on the backup itself as we cant modify the core wallet or Langerhans wallet although there maybe bugs in the wallets. some cases, the client even cant open the wallet.dat successfully. some one lost their password while the password is hidden in the wallet.dat or backup. so it is necessary to work on the wallet backup. we need enough info to evaluate each case first. we Don not request wallet backup if it is not a must.

Q3. how can i sure i won’t be scammed?

=>This is a common question. on most cases, i do have the capability to take all their coins and they may never know. but this is totally illegal and not the way i work. if to do illegal things, there are many more profitable business than this low chance recovering work. i can get 20%-30% legal share why should i risk my freedom and fame to do the illegal work. only the stupid guys do that because their success purely based on random luck. actually all crypto currency can be tracked by FBI or police, etc. it is only a problem whether it worth tracking it.

Aditia kinarang Mokoginta shown on my homepage, is the CEO of an Indonesia exchange. his correct password has 17 characters. he cant see the balance or address without the password as it is an android wallet on his case, if i take all his dogecoins as mine, he would never know. i helped move his about 218k dogecoin (valued about 150000 usd in middle May 2021) to his doge wallet on local exchange.

You are not our first client or the last client. I’m not aimed to get rich by recovering coins as i only consider this as a hobby. yes, i do got a lot dogecoin tip from clients. I’m not hacker and I resolve the problems 80% based on experience and 20% on pure science. so after i evaluate each others i can roughly have an idea of the chance to succeed.

Q4. how long can you recover my dogecoin?

=>This depends on the specific problems of your case. if password or spending PIN (android dogecoin/btc wallet) may take long time. as this bruteforce work involves random variables. if your hints are good and can narrow down the space of possible password effectively. the time used can be hours or days. without hints, the chance is very low near 0. even hundreds of years spent cant reach correct pass. this is pure math and is reason why crypto is secure.

if other specific issues like corrupted wallet, zero balance etc. it may only need hours or days to finish the work. we need evaluate your specific case first and tell you if we can succeed with very high chance and timeline to fix it.

Dogecoin/btc recovery work is purely based science or maths, although luck plays a key role on some cases. we would provide updates timely via skype or email. you wont need wait long time on most cases. so if one guy need months to resolve your problem means he basically don’t know how to fix your problem and just try his luck. I’m not saying they are scams but their chance to succeed is very low.

Q5: can you recover on all situations?

=>LOl, obviously No. on some cases, the dogecoin may lost forever. after i evaluate your specific case, i can have a rough chance to recover the doge.

Q6: i tried many times to contact the developer team but they never reply?

=>there are mainly two reasons:

1. the developer cant fix all problems. the encryption and decryption are Two directions and are not revertible. they cant decrypt the wallet as this is math and science. No one can resolve this based on current computing power. unless you have unlimited number of computers to work on but i guess the cost is much higher than the value of coin locked.

2. the developer team has information edge. they need keep objective. make sure everything purely based on math and science. without this the coin will die soon.

Q7: i have correct wallet.dat backup and i know the password. but why the balance is zero?

=> Firstly you need sync the blocks 100% to make transactions & balance shows up. if sync fully, still have this “0 balance” problem or wrong recent transaction. there are 3 possible situations according to our experience. we need modify the backup first to make it readable correctly on the core wallet. for this type of problem, the chance to recover the dogecoin is much high. it only takes hours. max 1 day to fix.

Q8: can you recover Ethereum presale json file password?

=> we can bruteforce the password if you know part of the password. there also are bugs in the wallet json file. just contact us to evaluate your case.