How to recover secret PIN

the secret PIN is like spending PIN of other wallets. it has 16+ characters. if you have hints for the PIN, there is chance to recover it by bruteforce. but it would be very hard as the minimum lenghth is 16.

Step 1: Downloading wallet files

Downloading these kinds of wallet files id done via your browser, through the “Developer Tools” feature.

Basically you need to log in to your wallet and then go in to the “Settings” screen, once there you can open the “Developer tools” in your browser.

1) Select the Network tab

2) Enter a placeholder PIN in the “Current PIN” field. (This can be anything, eg: “123”)

3) Enter a placeholder password in the New Secret PIN field. (This can be anything, but must be valid, eg: btc2dogepassword2022)

4) Click “Change Secret PIN” (This will give an error that your Secret PIN is incorrect, but that doesn’t matter…)

5) Select “Responses”

6) Select the initiate_change_secrets file.

7) Once you have a response that looks like wallet data, copy it and paste it in to a text file. This is your wallet file

Download Block IO Wallet

Step 2: after you get the wallet file, provide the file and your hints. we could use it to bruteforce the password. the file only have encrypted PIN info, nothing relted to private key, etc.

Step 3: after we suceed in finding the PIN. you can try to send the coin to both your own address and our tip address in one or more transfer, we type the PIN remotely via Zoom or teamview to confirm your transfer.

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