How to recover password

the Can Not help you reset the password. because the decryption process is something like: private keys+Your password+random salts–> Encrypted code. ( only stored the encrypted data on its server. this is same with if you ask for password. that means they need bruteforce password for you. this is impossible for blockchain staff as a wallet provider. we can do the bruteforce based on your hints for the password with our Matrix computing station. if you have correct 12 words you can recover your wallet directly on if no 12 words seed, just contact us to get help. 100% chance to recover the password if you have good hints. near 80% chance for random passwords (less than 10 characters), Zero chance for 15+ characters random password. contact us to evaluate your case.

Requirments: your wallet ID or Email+ hints for password+ 2FA not enabled (you can reset 2FA if you enabled it before) 

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