how to recover dough wallet?

dough wallet is out of service for more than 3 years. you cant move your dogecoin via the old wallet app. doughwallet does not use the standard code and thus cant be recovered by other wallet with its seed phrase. besides that is not secure to do it online. that is high chance to lose your dogecoin if you use the online tool. we have developed the offline script to secure the doge. it takes very little time if there are not too many transactions in the wallet. we also can check many address and keys offline easpecially there are many transactions in your wallet in order you recover your doge fully.

as long as you hold the correct recovery phrase (12 words seed) of dough wallet. we can help you get back your dogecoin. Don’t use online recovery tool including verifying balance methods. we do all work offline including private key searching and verifying the balance of those key list. we have local updated block data and tool to do this. if you use the online tool. there is high chance to lose your coins to those steal tools.

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