how to recover langerhan dogecoin wallet?

first you need make sure the password. Generally, there are two situations for password problems:

  1. You Forgot the password. if so you need find out clues about the passphrase, like checking your notebook. diary or try passwords used in other social accounts. If you can’t regain the correct passphrase, you will lose all the coin in the wallet backup. we can bruteforce the backup if you have hints. we cant bruteforce without hints as there are unlimited password combinations. for the Android Dogecoin wallet (Langerhans dogecoin wallet), if you forget the Spending PIN ( PIN is 8 digits or less is possible to recover within a reasonable time) or backup password. yo may lose the Dogecoin. if you have clues/hints and the length of PIN not too long. congratulations, there is still high chance to recover your Dogecoin.
  2. in some cases, You may did not set the backup password when you do backup on dogecoin android wallet. yes, the early versions allow you do it without setting the password. if this happens. you cant restore the wallet in regular way. you can not decrypt it with the open ssl method provided by the developer as it also ask for the password which does not exist at all. we have written a script to do it without the password and succeed. you can try my skill with an empty backup without setting the password. i will tell you the public address and private key of it

then restore it on your langerhan dogecoin wallet app on your android phone.

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