how to reset password ?

ProblemYou lost your wallet password:

No !!! the Can Not help you reset the password. because the decryption process is something like: private keys+Your password+random salts–> Encrypted code. only stored the encrypted data on its server. this is same with if you ask for password. they need decrypt the encryted data. this is impossible without your correct password. can only do the bruteforce based on your hints for the password.

Requirments: your wallet ID or Email+ hints for password+ 2FA not enabled (you can reset 2FA if you enabled it before) 

2. Error decrypting wallet, please check that your password is correct?

there are cases you have correct email/wallet id and password. there also error showing it cant decrypt the wallet. for this issue. we need first verify the password is correct 100% and decrypt the wallet manually offline on our pc. then move your btc via core wallet to your new address.

for other stuck issue, cant withdraw, etc. can also try to resolve in this method.

  • How to proceed?

you can conact us provide more info. we will evalaute your case and get a rough idea if there chance to recover your wallet. if there is chance and you agreed to proceed. we will start working on your case.

You only need donate a share (average 20%-30%) after our work succeed. we will send your share to your new address.

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