Lost dogechain Wallet ID?

if you lost your phone with your your 2FA google autheticator. or you lost the wallet ID. we can help you contact dogechain.info to reset the 2FA and retrive wallet ID if you still access to your email that linked to your dogechain wallet. dogechain will send you a form to your email address to declare you are the legal owner of that wallet. then they will review and disable the 2FA.

  • How to proceed?

you can conact us provide more info. we will evalaute your case and get a rough idea if there chance to recover your dogecoin. if there is chance and you agreed to proceed. we will start working on your case.

You only need donate a share (average 20%-30%) after our work succeed. we dont touch your share of dogecoin. we won’t sell or teach others to master this spending pin recovery. as we can’t prevent them to steal others’ doge. 20%-30% maybe high you think. but you may aware that Doge up max 33% on April 1, 2021 in only one hour.

Contact us:

Email: btc2doge@hotmail.com

Skype: search my email on skype

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