Multibit HD recovery: old 0.0.7 beta problem

🔑 MultiBit HD wallet 0.0.7 beta bug and seed problems

MultiBit HD wallet was resleased by (shutdown in 2017) . before Mid 2015, they released the beta version of MultiBit HD wallet. it adopted the BIP32 but produce complete different address from other  BIP32-compliant wallets even with the same seed and same path. this making many people’s btc got locked in this deprecated wallet. the wallet no longer can sync. even you luckly hold the old wallet client on your old PC, still not work. this bug only got fixed till later 2015 versions according to the developers of this wallet.

Solution 1: if you have the 12,18,24 words from this old MultiBit HD, you can try by yourslef to recover it via electrum wallet (You can download here: ). choosing: legacy (p2pkh) and path of m/0′. if you can recover it sucessfully, then your seed is not affected by this bug.

Solution2: if you cant recover it via this method and are sure it is not empty, there is very high chance that you used the early beta versions of Multibit HD wallet. then we could help reproduce the problem with coding work on a case by case way to help solve your problem. You need have the 12/18/24 seed words, password written down and address showing your btc is not a compusory but will save a lot of work.

solution 3: if you don’t have seeds written down. but you have the AES backup and the password on your PC. there also chance to extract the seed, then try to recover as other cases.

IF you have other specific problem of password lost on eith MultiBit HD or Multibit legacy, no seed words written down, not sync etc. feel free to contact us. there is chance to receover it if you have necessary info/data.

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Note: You can only provide your own wallet backup data or or authorized by the owner. don’t provide stolen wallet backup. don’t buy wallet backup online. all fakes and scams. data will be deleted permanently no matter it succeed or failed. so you need keep your own copy of your backup.

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