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๐Ÿ”Š Now old Multibit HD wallet recovery (12,18, or 24 seed words Not work due to bug and incompatble bip32, etc)

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  1. I still remeber my password. i have the 2FA device and can access to the email. It always say failed to decrypt the wallet. i’m highly confident in my password although it is not 100%. i remeber i login successful in 2016 or 2017, Please help me

    • this means the password is wrong. you may changed the password in the past. your memory cloudy with old and new passwords. we can try to help by bruteforce it. contact us via skype or email.

  2. hello, i have an old wallet. i still have the address and email. but i forgot the password. i can provide a list of password hints. there is about 220,000 doge on it. i have been trying since 2021. if you can help me recover the password, i would be happy to tip you 40% of the balance after succeed. thank you

  3. Can you help me recover the multibit wallet password. i have no idea of the password. there is about 3.15 btc in the wallet. i would be happy to pay you 40% of the balance if you can recover the password.

  4. Hello, I have a wallet. but i lost my old 2FA device because i lost my old iphone years ago. is there any way for you to help disable 2FA for me?

  5. hello. I got your info on github. I have a seed with 18 words of multibit. I tried to recover it on electrum wallet but shows empty. I saw someone say the old multibit hd wallet has bug. the words not work on other wallets. could you resolve this for me. I m Ok with the fee u take after recovered. I also sent u email. pls check your junk box and reply. thank you

    • yes, the early version of multibit hd acct has a bug. the bip32 derivation method is different from others.making the recovery seeds not work. we can try if u sure it not empty.

  6. Thank you Stephen for recover my btc successfully. just received my 70% of the balance. impressive. will refer to my friends if they have btc problems.

  7. in 2015. I used multibit classic wallet to send 1.5btc to my friend. she received the 1.5 btc successfully but my rest amount disappeared. I tried all the method on bittalk and github. still no found. is this caused by a bug? if you could help me successfully. I would be happy to send u 50% as tip.pls help me.

  8. i fould the old notebook with my Multibit hd seed codes, and password written down together with a datestamp. not sure if there is still bitcoin in. i have tried many methods by googled online. cant see any balance. since the old wallet hd no longer availbe. can you help me recover it? not sure there is bitcoin is in it. thank you.

  9. Can you recover the Ethereum presale wallet for me? i have the jason file and password written down but it shows wrong password. could you help me? there is about 2680 eth locked. i would happy to tip you 40% if you succeed. pls help me. i really count on you.

  10. thanks to Stephen. i have dough wallet recovery phrases and tried many years not successful. my 260k+ doge is recovered and i tip him about 45% of my balance.

  11. i have the dogecoin private key backup from 2015 but i did not saved the password. stephen bruteforced the password. then i can restore the wallet and moved the dogecoin. thank you.

  12. I have used the recovery service and my old wallet get recovered successfully. so i would be happy to try the trading service new launched trading service. my Dogecoin value down a lot but this make up some loss on doge value i’m holding. will refer to my friends. thanks

  13. Stephen refer me his trading service recently. i trust him because he has recovered my 10+ btc and returned my 70% as promised. so i tried his service last week. my 5000 USDT already grows above 9130 USDT. i appreciate your great service.

  14. Stephen is great. he recovered my old LTC wallet.dat password months ago. i did not sell the LTC. the price down a lot. Stephen told me before he also do managed account service. so i tried the service for with 40 LTC, then Stephen managed it for me and grows it to 103 LTC after 1 month. this hedge a lot risk for the big down on LTC price. i would recommend you to my friends. maybe they also interest in your managed account service in fait currency. thanks again for your great recovery service together the trading service.

  15. I have my user id and wallet address of dogecoin in 2015, i lost the wallet and id earlier, now i got it from my old computer but no email access to get the code. can you please help me. there is about 1 million doge coins in the account.

  16. i forget my Ethereum password could you help me bruteforce it? i can provide the UTC file and some passwords i may used. please help me. i need the eth urgently.

  17. i have an old wallet. with about 1.38 btc. i have the wallet.aes.json file from my email. i tried all the possible passwords but none of them works. i only have rough idea of the password. please help me to resolve this. i would be happy to pay 40% of the 1.38 btc after i succeed.

  18. i found an wallet.dat on my old laptop like many others. i may know some words of the password. but cant succeed when i try. could you help bruteforce it? i would be happy to pay you 50% as it is worthless if i cant get the correct passwords. thanks

  19. hello there,
    i have two backup of Langerhans dogecoin wallet. i forget the password and i’m not sure which one contains my doge. could you please help me recover it? i can share 40% of the balance if you access to the doge successfully. thanks

  20. i have an wallet opened in 2015. i may lost my password. i tried the old passwords i used in those years but none work. could you help me recover the wallet?

  21. i have dogecoin locked in the wallet. i have the password but i forget the secret PIN so i cant send out the dogecoin. could you please help me recover the PIN? thanks

  22. i have an old wallet.dat backup. i tried to restore it via dogecoin core wallet. i still have the password. but it shows error when i send out. can you help me?

  23. Stephen helped me disabled the 2FA of my wallet. i lost the old phone with the google authenticator. now i can login the dogechain wallet with code sent to my email. thank you very much.

  24. Stephen is great guy. i have tried many other recovery service for these 2 years, none of them worked. thanks to this service, i can regain my btc.

  25. i have an old blockchain wallet. i have the hints for the password. but my password is very long. about 20 characters. is there a chance for you to bruteforce the password? i have a rough idea of the password. the possible pattern and possible symbols used. please help me

  26. hello. i found my blockchain wallet backup in my old email. unfortunately, i forget the password. i can provide some common passwords i used. can you bruteforce it for me as i dont know how to use the recovery scripts. thanks

  27. hello. i lost my dogecoin password years ago.i tried the recovery software many times. but not found the password. can you help me?

  28. can you help on eth wallet. i have a presale wallet. i have the correct password written down but i cant access to it due to the wrong password error. i have tried many times. no one works. please help me.

  29. i have recovered my blockchain wallet with the help of stephen. i forget the password but i have hints. i have been locked for many years since 2016. finally, got back with this wallet recovery service. thank you very much

  30. stephen recovered my blockchain wallet. i forget my password and only have access to the old email of that wallet. he instructed me to retrieve the wallet ID and downloaded the wallet json file from blockchain. then i provide some idea of the password. Stephen contact me after a few hours and now, i recovered my wallet. thats great.

  31. i have recovered my with this wallet recovery service. thank you stephen. highly recommend

  32. could you help on blockchain second password? I have the old json file and the first password. but I can’t remember the second password. it should be all in numbers. no letters or symbols. can’t exceed 8 digits as I use it as a pin. I can’t succeed with all the numbers I may used. please help me. I also sent email. please check it.thanks

  33. i have been trying on my dogecoin-wallet-backup-2015 since last year. the doge price down a lot but it still values about 50k dollars. so I asked Stephen to help and succeed after months. thank you very much

  34. can you recover verge wallet? I have 9 words seed. I found it in my old book but I can’t figure how to recover it. please help me.

  35. I have recovered my wallet. when I tried importing the wallet.ass.json. it shows error. Stephen helped me decrypt the json file successfully. I only have 0.8 btc bit this really help me a lot.

  36. i have recovered my dogecoin by stephen. i was locked out for many years. although the amount is not big it does make me mad after tried so many passwords. thank you

  37. I forget my wallet password. I think I can provide some words in the password.but not 100%. please help my case. thank you.

    • they upgraded and changed the encryption method. if you can access to your email. there is stil a chance to recover.I have replied your email. pls check the junk box as well.

  38. can you recover the password of old eth UTC keystone file? I saved it on my google Drive. but I forget the password. have no idea what I could have set it years ago. could you please help me?

    • you need a rough idea of the password. if not. can provide common passwords you used. so we can try to narrow down the key space with that. contact us via Skype or email.

  39. I have verge seed. about 9 words. I can’t remember clearly as it’s on the old notebook in my parents house. if you could recover it. I will drive to my parents home to get the seeds. thanks.

  40. i have a Langerhans dogecoin wallet. i did not remember set the password when i make backup. i have tried for many years. no luck to open it. could you help on this? i would be glad to share 35% of the amount after you open it. you can keep 35% of the balance. thank you

  41. i have recovered my btc from wallet. i have a list of words but finally, there is a word out of the list but it does is meaningful to me. thank you very much!

  42. i have an eth presale json file. i know the password. but it always sying errors when i try to restore the wallet.i have tried many method mentioned on github and reddit. not work. could you please help for me? i really need this eth. btw, i come from korea, i have korean and english installed on that old notebook, but now i cant access to it. ๊ณ ๋งˆ์›Œ์š”

  43. hello there
    i have a old Eth keystore file. i saved it in 2017 but i cant find my notes with the password. i know part of the password but not 100% sure. i can provide the file and a list of words and numbers i may used could you please help recover the password for me? thank you

  44. I have a dogecoin-wallet-backup-2015-07-17. i cant restore it as i tried many password i can remember. none of them work. always showing cant decrypt the string? is this caused by password problem. pls can you help?

  45. stephen has recovered the password on my dogecoin wallet backup.
    i tried many years on this. this save me a lot. i wish i had found you guys earlier so i may sold at a high price last year. thank you very much

  46. i have recovered my wallet with help of stephen. although there is not much in the wallet it do helps a lot. very appreciated. thank you

  47. i have a wallet in 2016. then i forget the password since then. i dont have the 12 words phrases so i am locked by this wallet for many years. could you help me. i have a list of words maybe used in the password. can you do a bruteforce work on my wallet? i’m not sure how much in the wallet, but would be happy to pay you 40% if succeed.

  48. i have a wallet. i forget the password and i cant find the recovery phrases. i dont know if there are btc in the wallet. could you help me recover it?

  49. i have a wallet. it is very old. i have several emails but i dont remember which email is linked to the correct wallet. i can recall part of the password.please help me.

  50. my dogecoin is locked in a wallet.dat. i have the wallet file on my old laptop. i tried many years to get my password but never succeed. i asked stephen to help me on this. it only took 1.5 hours to recover the password. wish more people get their coins back. i would highly recommend this guy.

  51. i have recovered my wallet password. i only remember a part of the password. stephen done a brute force with more than 12 million passwords. the correct password hit. i’m lucky and Stephen is great. thanks

  52. i have a langerhands dogecoin wallet but i forget the spending PIN. i dont have much big balance on it. there above 6 digits for the PIN.i hope you can help me to bruteforce it. thank you.

  53. i have get back my wallet password. i was locked by this shit wallet for many years. i’m happy to tip 35% of my balance to Stephen.

  54. I have a wallet. I forget the password. it always saying failed to decrypt. please check your password is correct. the support does not help me. could you help resolve this problem for me?

  55. thank you stephen. I have recovered my password with this service. I have been locked by this wallet for many years. I thought it lost forever. thanks to stephen for your great work.

  56. i have an old wallet. i have about 1 btc in the wallet. when i try to login, it shows failed to upgrade to HD and save wallet error. now i cant access to my btc. i have been locked by this wallet for 5 years. very disappointed with wish you could help me get back my btc. i will definitely share the balance with you. pls help me

  57. i have my wallet id and password written on my notebook. i tried to login blockchain. it does not allow me login. my password is correct. this is really strange. stephen use my wallet id downloaded the wallet.aes.json and decrypted the wallet with the password.highly recommend !

  58. my wallet is old wallet. i had about 4.3 btc in the wallet. i forget the password. can you help me? i’m invited by doge2021. please give me a discount.

  59. i’m locked by the for my years. i have the correct password. but it ask for a 2nd password which never set. this is really a scam wallet. pls could you help me? i can tip you 40% of my btc if succeed.

  60. i have recovered my dogecoin password on my langerhands dogecoin wallet backup. unfortunately, there is not dogecoin left. i sold all my dogecoin in 2015. my paper hand…but really appreciate the great work of stephen. sorry, my case waste your time.

  61. can you recover the wallet ID? i have the email but i lost the notes with my wallet ID. i cant find the old email sent by

  62. hello, i’m referred by doge2021 on github. i have an old wallet. i have the wallet ID, wallet.aes.json and password. but i lost the second password. cna you help me to recover the second password. i have about 1 btc in the wallet. i cna share 30% of them after you recover it. thank you. please help me.

  63. i have a wallet in 2016 and sent my btc to the wallet. but suddenly it ask for a 2nd password i did not set. i used the 12 words recovery phrase. it does not work showing invalid.there was also a error “unable to upgrade to HD wallet”. whats the problem? can you help me. i have been locked by this wallet for many years.

    • This problem mainly occurs in mid 2016. this is a bug in the wallet as they encrypted the wallet data by mistakes. still have chnace to recover it if you have wallet.aes.json, etc. contact us via skype or email.

  64. i have wallet ID, hints for password. now my wallet seems locked. i have tried several passwords and get locked out now. could you please help me recover it?

    • yes, they will lock your wallet for about 24 hours. then will get unlocked automatically. for lost password. can only bruteforce it with your hints.
      contact us via email or skype

  65. i have a wallet.aes.json. i also have the wallet id and password. but when i try to login. there is a popup for a second password. i dont remember i had set that password at all. stephen helped me decrypted the file offline. it is great to recover my long lost wallet. Never use this shit wallet again. totally a scam, poor service, shit support. will only use the official wallet in the future.

  66. can you recover verge coin. I have 8 words seed but I can’t get the correct way to recover it. please help me. I’m ok to pay you 30% of my verge if you succeed.

  67. recovered my password on my old wallet.aes.json. it is great to access to my long lost wallet. thank you very much.

  68. I wrote down my dogechain wallet login info years ago but I can’t find the notes. I still access to the email for this wallet. is there a chance to recover my wallet id. I’m not sure the password is 100% correct but I have hints.please help me. this is a matter of life or die. please.

  69. i found my wallet.aes.json in the old email. i have the main password but it ask for a second password. now i cant remember this second password. can you bruteforce this kind of password. i do have some idea to narrow down the possible password. i’m please to share with you 40% of the balance if you can help on this.

  70. i opened my wallet in May and sent my dogecoin into this wallet. i am stupid to lost my phone with the google authenticator. so i cant get 2FA. i cant access to my own doge. please can you help me ?

  71. i have a LTC wallet.dat file. i can see the transaction and balance but i cant figure out my password on it. this really annoying. please help me.

  72. i have recovered by langerhans dogecoin wallet for android. it is an old wallet key backup in 2015. i added a spending PIN and forget about it. i found my backup in my gmail.i restored it on my Samsung phone. when i try to send out the doge it ask for a PIN. i tried all the possible ones but none hit the correct one. Stephen helped me this and recover the pin after 2 days.i really appreciate the great service of Stephen.

  73. hello there.
    i have many dogecoin locked in a multidoge wallet. i have the wallet file and key file but i cant find my password. can you help me recover it. i can share 40% of the balance.

  74. i’m glad i have recovered my dogechain password by stephen. i was locked by this wallet for 3 years. i provided hints and possible passwords i can remeber. stephen helped bruteforce it and finally saved my dogecoin. really amazing guy.

  75. i have two wallet.dat one with BTc and another one has dogecoin. i would like to start with the doge coin one. if good, will ask you recover my BTC wallet password.thank you.

  76. my boy friends sent me 100k dogecoin years ago. now i only found a wallet.dat from my laptop. i have not used this laptop for a long time. i’m not sure if it is the correct backup. i tried to restore it on a new core wallet. there is no balance. please can you help me resolve this?

  77. i have a wallet.aes.json. i have hints for password. can you brute force the password for me? i’m happy to pay you 35% of the coins recovered. please help me out.

  78. i have a old backup for bitcoin from android wallet. i have the backup passowrd. i have restored it on my phone but i cant send out my btc as my wallet is locked with a spending PIN? i dont remember i had set it. i tried all the numbers i could imagine and used on other service. but none of them work. can you help me on this.

  79. can you recover SIA coin? i have the old 29 words seed but i cant see if there is coin. can you recover it for me? i’m not sure if there is coin it. please help me check it

  80. it is a long story. i bought a lot of BTC in 2014.i stored them in different wallets. some in core wallet and some in exchange wallet. i sold the balance on exchange and only left the btc in core wallet. i still have the wallet.dat. i wrote down the password. however, when i try to login two years ago with the password. it does not work.i dtk if there is typos in the password. i even wanna give up. but for such a big amount, i want to try and would be glad to share with you a good percentage with you after succeed. i’m hesitate to send the wallet.dat file. is there a good way to send a script. then you can enter the correct password remotely after succeed. this can secure both of us. i’m looking forward to your help.

  81. could you please help me bruteforce my dogecoin password? i have the wallet.dat file. i used the hashcat 6.2.4 to try my possible passwords with different combinations. it is very slow and i cant find the correct password. is there a good way for you do bruteforce work for me?

  82. i’m scared to share my wallet info at the first. but i dont have other choice as i lost password and i did not save the 12 words seed.i provided Stephen with my wallet ID, and hints. he return back with passwords after 2 weeks. i appreciate the great work and help. got the 70% of my dogecoin finally.

  83. i have wallet ID of my wallet. but i lost password. can you help me on it. i have 1.5 million doge there although i cant find my address any more. please help me. i’m locked for years. i tried all the possible passwords i would use. no luck. i would be glad to share 30% of the balance recovered.

  84. Rong Kim refer me your service. my problem is about a old wallet.dat. i found this file on my old laptop. i tried to restore on core wallet. there is transactions but balance is 0. i checked the address no transaction. please can you help me find back my coin?

  85. Stoniwa refer your site to me. i have a problem of logging my wallet. when i try to login. it always saying action failed. i cant access to my doge any more. can you help me resolve this?

  86. i lost my password. could you help me? what do you mean hints? i have tried some passwords. none worked. pls help me out.

    • hints is the rough idea or memory related to the password. like part of the password. pattern of password. you common passwords also useful. contact via email for more evaluation of your case.

  87. can you recover SIA coin? i have a 29 words seed. but i cant find a way to recover it. i have written down the seeds on my book. i also tried on SIA coin but seems it not work. i would be happy to pay your 30% after you recover it.

  88. i have recovered my password with this service and shared 30% with stephen. this is amazing guy. highly recommended.

  89. i found a wallet.aes.jason file from my old email. i googled it and seems it is an backup? but i dont know the password. i also cant remember if there is coin in it. could you provide any help on this.

  90. i have wallet with i can login without problem months ago. recently, when i try to login. it shows wrong password. but i written down the password so i know it is not my problem. maybe a bug of the i would like withdraw all my btc from this shit wallet.

  91. help me. i have wallet in 2014. i have the wallet.aes.json file but i lost my password. i do have some hints. can you bruteforce it for me? i would be glad to share 30% of the balance with you if succeed.

  92. hello๏ผŒ
    i bough btc in 2016 and saved them in my blockchain wallet. i have the password, but i forget the second password. can you help me to resolve it and access to my btc?

  93. i tried to recover my dogecoin backup from the android wallet. i have the correct passwords. but i cant restore it in all versions , old ones and new ones. none worked. always showing the error “cannot read keys”. i also tried to decrypt. got useless characters. so my dogecoin just lost forever? please help me.

  94. i saw the post by google saying you can recover verge coin as well. i have the old 8 words seed phrases. when i try to restore my verge it cant accept it as there are words not recognised. please help me.

  95. i created a wallet on before. now its domain changed to have the email address but dont have wallet ID. i cant login my wallet. i have a “Wallet.aes.jason” saved in my pc. can you recover my btc? this is my last hope please help me.

  96. hello,
    i have a wallet. i opened it years ago. i have the correct wallet id and password. i also can access to the email. but when i try to login. it always showing error. can you resolve it for me?

  97. hello, a “doge2021” from github refer me here. i have dogecoin locked by this langerhans wallet now. i cant spend my dogecoin. could you please help me on problem?

  98. my Dogecoin Wallet has not synced for 2 days. now i cant move my Dogeocin from the android wallet for Dogecoin. can you help me. i saw the prices goes up too much. i wanna sell some. please help me out.

    • now the developer already fixed this problem. just wait for sync. if you still cant get synced, can decrypt the backup to move the dogecoin to your new address. contact by email or Skype.

  99. I got back my dogecoin my doughwallet with this service. there seems errors when I write down.stephen helped bruteforce it to get correct seed. amazing person.

  100. i had a LTC wallet.dat and lost my password formany years. i have tried to bruteforce it by myself. with the hints i can remember. but i never hit the correct password. i nearly decide to give up as there not too much LTC in the wallet. i conacted this service and provided them my hints for password together with the wallet.dat. stephen build a big list to try. and my correct password hide in those 4756398 passwords. this is really amazing. i have sent stephen about 4 LTC as a tip. the amount recovered is not much, but help me a lot.

  101. can you bruteforce the password of bitcoin android wallet? i have the backup in 2017. but my password not accepted by the wallet when i try to restore it. please help me.

  102. i forget my password. i still have the wallet ID and the email i used to open this online dogecoin wallet. can you help me recover the password? i can remember only part of the password.

  103. i have a backup phrase for my Verge coin. there are 9 words. i tried to restore it on the android wallet but it does shows error, as cant recognise words.could you please help me?

  104. I have recovered my langerhans dogecoin wallet backup with this service. unfortunately I did not buy too much dogecoin although it is cheap in 2015. it’s a pity to miss such a great chance to be rich. ๐Ÿ™

  105. I was initially scared of sharing my wallet details but admin here was most helpful. I had lost my 2fa device and could not access the wallet for last 3 years.
    With great help, I was able to get my wallet back.

  106. Stephen recovered my dogecoin-wallet-keys 2014-07-09; i cant restore the backup although i have the correct password. i have done research on reddit since Feb, 2021. no success. Stephen helped me to decrypt the backup and get my private keys. then transfer back my 70% of the balance. this is amazing man. i was hesitate at the first and made the right choice finally.

  107. can you help me on the password bruteforce. i have dogechain wallet ID, hints for the password. i also have a list of passwords i usually used. please help me out.

  108. just get my 2FA disabled on my wallet. although there is not much doge but really thanks to stephen. a very nice guy!

  109. i have a doughwallet in 2017. i lost my phone. recently i found my recovery phrase on my old notebook i used in college. i have tried all the methods mentioned in Reddit and official recovery tool. but i cant find the address and key with coins.can please help me out. i can share 40% of the coins with you if succeed.

  110. i have found a backup of “Dogecoin-wallet-keys-2014-02-05” in my google drive, when i tried restore it with langerhans dogecoin wallet. it always shows errors. “wallet could not be restored: cannot read protobuf (Protocol message tag had invalid wire type.) or base58 (cannot read keys). Bad password?” i cant access to my wallet. please can you help me on this problem?

    • this problem is complex. there are several possible reasons causes this and thus has different solutions. we need evaluate the specific problem case by case. lets talke more on skype.

  111. hello there,
    i have problem of recovering my doughwallet. i used it years ago but i can no longer access to it as it no longer available on apple store. i have the recovery phrase. but i cant get back the dogecoin because the address i get not same with my own address. please can you help me?

  112. Catherine told me about your service. I don’t have much in the wallet. only thousands so I did not care much about it. if you can recover it for me that would be great.

  113. I used in 2017. I deposited that wallet about 40000 I can no longer access to it as my iPhone with the 2fa got stolen. could you resolve such 2fa error?

  114. do you still help recover the Android dogecoin wallet password? I found my backup in my email. I tried all the password I usually used. no sucess. please help me.

  115. I’m so glad my doughwallet got recovered. I was locked by that stupid wallet for 4 yrs.this is amazing. I would refer friends with similar problem to you.

  116. my doughwallet get recovered. i have used bip 39 tool. not work. also tried the official recovery tool. still not work. stephen saved my doge. highly recommended ! amazing guy!

  117. i just googled about dogechain wallet and found your site. i have the wallet ID and password. i also have the 2FA eanbled. it always showing error of failed to get payload. please could you help to resolve this?

  118. i had a wallet in 2016. i’m not sure if there are coins in it. i have the wallet ID and part of the password. i tried the common passwords i used. no success to login. could you please check it for me?

  119. can you restore old doughwallet? i have tried many times on those recovery tools. nothing found. they dont work at all. please help me find my doge. i can share 40% with you. thanks

  120. i have the langerhans backup in 2015. it has the name of “dogecoin wallet keys backup 2015-09-16” could you bruteforce the password? i have tried all possible password i may used in 2015. not hit it till now. i just give up, please help me.

  121. i guess i have 1 million doge in the wallet. but i cant rememeber the wallet id. i only have the password and the email. i serached the email. it is not there. how can i get back my wallet id?

  122. i have recovered my doughwallet with stephen. this is great. i was histated at first but turned out this is amazing service. i got my dogecoin within only about 2 hours. cool

  123. i have the 12 words seed phrase. but i cant find how to recover my dogecoin. please help me. i have sent to your email but no reply. please check the junk. thanks

  124. hello,
    i used dough wallet on my iphone a few years ago. i got new Samsung mobile phone. i bought about $50 dogecoin in later 2015 and transferred to dough wallet later. i searching for the old iphone when i back my parent’s home in this May. but i cant find the dough wallet on the old iphone. i cant download it because it is offline from app store. the good thing is i found the 12 words seed phrase from my notebook used in high school. i used the recovery tool on but it produce so many keys. i checked the first 100 manually. does not work. i also tried on other tools. still cant find the coins. can you help me find back the doge? i would be glad to share 30% to you. sorry english not my language. i used google translator.

    • sorry for the late reply. if the seed phrase is correct. there is high chance to recover it. both the wallet and recovery tool have bugs that is why apple reject the dough wallet app. contact via email. google translator is ok. you only need provide the correct seed and a new doge address under your control.

  125. i have recovered my 72k doge with this service. i nearly gave up on my old multidoge.wallet backup as there always showing error. thank your very much.

  126. i bought about 900k doge in 2015. as the price was very low in 2015. i did not care much of it. now i only have the see phrases. when i try to recover my dogecoin, it shows the error of “invalid words” i have tried many times. still not work. please help me. i also sent you email but no response till now. please check the junk box.

  127. hi there.
    I bought about 2 million dogecoin in 2015. i saved all the coins on the langerhans dogecoin wallet. now i found my backup on the google drive but i can’t find my password. i tried all the passwords i can imagine. i generally don’t use random passwords. anyway, that does not worth money in 2015. i cant remember the password at all. could you please help recover it for me. i will pay 40% of the doge recovered if succeed. thank you.

    • we can help if you can provide the hints and /or comonly used passwords. we can help bruteforce based on that. already sent email to you. please check junk box as well if you did not get it.

  128. hello,
    i have a dogecoin wallet key backup 2014-05-03; i’m sure there is no password set when i make the backup. but when i try to restore the wallet, it ask for a password. i also tried to decrypt the backup with open ssl. but it also ask for a password. i also tried with the passwords i commonly used. but nothing work. as i remember i did not set the password at all. i saw your post when i try to find solution on github. you said you can decrypt this. can you help me? i would be very happy to pay you 30-40% of balance recovered considering the values increased by more than 100x. please help me,i really need this money. thank you.

    • hello, if you are sure you did not set the password on the backup. there is way to decrpt it as i just fixed the same problem days ago. i already sent you email. we can chat on skype.

  129. hello,
    i have a dogecoin wallet backup 2017-10-21. i know the password but i did not remember the spending Pin i set.i have about 870k doges. please help me recover my Pin

  130. hi.
    i have about 7 million doge locked in the langerhans wallet. i can’t remember the spending pin. i did not remember i set it. it can be 8 digits or 10 digits. can you please bruteforce it for me? i can offer 30% of the balance if you can unlock it. thank you.

  131. hello
    i have just found my dogecoin backup 2014. it is only 240 byte. why it is so small size. my current backup is about 45 kb. does this normal. can you help me recover it as it is always showing error message when i try to restore it.

  132. i searched my laptop. i found a bitcoin-wallet-keys 2013-11-22. it is only a 240 byte file. i opened it with hex editor. it is only a string starting with U. how can i recovery it? please help me.

    • hello,this is a backup of your bitcoin schildbach wallet. you need a password to restore it. if you don’t have hints. there will be very low chance to bruteforce it. there are unlimited number of possible passwords.

  133. i forget the passphrase on my core wallet. i dont have the backup without passphrase. can you bruteforce it for me? i have some hints. there are about 7.5 bitcoin i bought years ago.

    • hello, we need the hints first to calculate all possible passphrases size. then can decide if it possible to brute force within reasonable time. contact me via email or skype.

  134. I’m new to crypto. I just bought 100k dogecoin on binance. I download the Android wallet on dogecoin org. then I sent all Doge to the wallet 2 days ago. but it does not show up balance. still zero.can you get back the Doge for me?

    • don’t worry. you can check on to see if the coins reach your address. if yes, just need wait. btw, your wallet should be synchronized with updated data. if there is still no balance shows after updated. you can contact us again to find the real problem.

  135. i have a bitcoin key backup 2014. but i can’t remember the password for the backup. i cant restore my bitcoin. can you bruteforce this backup file? please help me. i can pay 30-40% of the balance recovered.

    • hello Rong Kim,
      if you have some hints. there is chance to recover it. without hints, there are unlimited combinations of possible passwords. can only rely luck to get the correct one within a reasonable time span. reply me on email or skype. thanks

  136. hello buddy,
    i have 3 btc locked in the bitcoin wallet app. i remember the pin has 8-9 digits but can’t get the correct. i did write down it in my notebook but i just can’t find it. it maybe 8 or 9 digits. first digit maybe 7 but not 100% sure. for my situation can you fix it for me?

  137. i transferred 0.6 btc over 2 weeks ago.they came out of my Binance account but still has not shown up on my phone wallet. does it was stolen? can you help on this case?

  138. My coins can’t be sent because I’m asked to enter a PIN I’ve never been asked to set up.please help me to fix this shit. i have 2.53 btc locked in the wallet.

  139. hello, i just found a backup from 2016 on Schildbach Wallet in my old laptop. i tried to restore it and it succeed. but when i try to transfer the bitcoin i found there is a spending pin. i never set it. i contacted the support no solutions. can you please help me to recover it. i would like to pay 1 bitcoin as have about 5 btc in it.

  140. hi there,
    i have a bitcoin wallet backup. it was from android wallet i downloaded from years ago. i just found the backup in my gmail. when i try to restore the wallet with
    backup it ask for a password which i can’t remember. i only remember it is a number of 6-7 digits. i tried many times cant get the right one. can you help me?

  141. hello, i used the dogecoin andorid wallet in 2015. i have about 3 million doge in the backup. i still remember the backup password so i can restore the wallet. when i try to move the doge to my binance account to sell them. i found there is a spending PIN. i cant remember it.i tried the common Pin i used on other service. all failed. i dont know how many digits for the PIN on my wallet. cna you help me?

  142. i just recovered my doge wallet backup from my crashed laptop. the wallet backup is a android one. i just tried to restore the backup on the android ask for the backup password. i cant remember that. as i bought about 5 yrs ago.can you help me to recover it. i remember i had about 5 millions doge in it.

    • you have some clues, there is a chance to recover the password. if you cant remember anything, the chance is very low. contact by skype or email.

  143. hello
    i used Android wallent of i made backup years ago. recently i tried to restore it with the always showing a message’ cant decrypt the backup’, can you help me to restore it? thanks

    • there is something wrong with your backup password. if password correct, there is the backup itself. we need talk with you first to find out the real reason.

  144. hi there, i have purchased doge in 2014. i had about 3 million doge in my wallet. i do made backup of my wallet. but i cant recover it successfully. it always exit when i try to synth the blocks.the balance still showing 0. can you help me? i can pay 25% of the balance recovered. thank you.

  145. can you help recover my doge? I bought absurd amount of doge in 2015. I sent them into my phone wallet. I do have the backup. I remember the password. but there always problem to restore. the coins can’t be accessed to or move out. really frustrating. please help me. I will send you 2 millions of dogs if it works successfully.

    • thank you for the offer. i need check the data file first to decide whether i can resolve it for you.if data is complete . there is a high chance to recover it. let’s talk on skype.

  146. I live in Canada. I have wallet.dat and I did write my password on the book.when I try to restore my wallet. there is always error. now I can’t access to my dogecoin. can you help?

  147. I bought doge coin years ago. I would not remember I bought so many if the price didn’t increased so much. my problem is when I restore my back up. it always showing errors. I can send screenshots later via email or skype?. please help me solve this. I’m happy to pay a share.

  148. hello, my friend refer you to us. i also have the problem with my wallet recovery. please check your email. maybe in the junk? i did not receive your reply. thank you.

  149. i come from Tokyo, i lost a lot BTC due to the MXgox failure. i changed in remaining btc into doge in 2015. now i have about 50million doge in total. i did put them in several different wallets. but my android wallet does not work well, i recently try to restore the wallet. it failed. hopefully, i will pay 30% of that wallet balance if you make it.

  150. hello from LA. i had bad experience with my android wallet. i restored my phone, i set a spending pin on the wallet. i just forget the pin. can you resolve this for me?

  151. Can you crack the passphrase on the wallet.dat? i forget the passphrase. i have 20 millions doge in it. please help me. i can pay you 40% if you can crack it for me.

  152. i bought Doge in 2015 and i used the android wallent download from now i try to recover my wallet. it always shows the wrong. cant restore the wallet . please help me. there is about 1 million doge coins in the account.

  153. hello,
    I come from singapore. my wallet.dat cant shows the balance. i used the doge core wallet years ago. recently, i want to restore the wallet and sell my doge. but i cant access to them. can you help me?

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