Scam alert

There are many kind of scams in the crypto currency field. i will disclose the scams accordingly here with their name later according to my own and client’s experience. will updates this regularly. Avoid those scams.

  1. Cloud mining cloud mining actually is a kind of investment. you invest coins and get coins. but many programs use it to scam others. most of them are ponzi scheme. you get tiny profit and finally lost all your initial deposit.
  2. Scam exchanges: since most countries don’t regulate on the crypto currencies. therefore, there is regulation on the operation of many exchanges. they can manipulate the prices and trade against their clients.
  3. Scam wallet i would recommend you guys using the official wallet of coins.
  4. Scam recovery service: they have nothing to verify only left a email, or run a reddit account showing good record. after they scam you just disappear and change another id to scam others. Dont use those unknown wallet and online recovery tool. they are designed to steal your coin. Blockchain data won’t Lie.
  5. other scams: there are several online stores selling fake wallet.dat. with big balance, but don’t try your luck to crack its password. they can change the data and put others’ address into the wallet to show a large balance.



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